Confession.  I haven’t told anyone I have a blog.  Why?  Because I am afraid.  I am afraid of what others think, that my thoughts aren’t complete enough, that my writing isn’t strong enough.  But as I was thinking on this last night (selah) I realized that the reason I haven’t shared my blog is, at its core, because of my lack of hospitality.  I am afraid it isn’t pretty enough for public consumption.  I’m intimidated by my friends and family looking at the contents of my imagination.

But if I am going to take seriously this echo, this call to practice Christian hospitality, don’t I need to share it?  Isn’t this exactly what God is calling us to do?  Be intentionally transparent with each other?  Be vulnerable?  Allow my friends to see that I’m not really sure where to put a comma, and know that the concept of Selah is something that in equal parts attracts me and confuses me?

I think that risking this, risking the fact that some people will think I am pompous or self promoting, risking that my deepest thoughts aren’t really that deep is worth it.  So here goes…

photo (3)


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