“Earth is crammed with heaven,
And every bush is aflame with God
But only those who see, take off their shoes
The rest sit around it and pluck blackberries.”

– Elizabeth Barrett Browning


Sometimes the right words have the power to arrest you.  To perfectly encapsulate an emotion, a moment in time, a person, a memory.  As people created in God’s image, we all have a voice.  This blog is my attempt to hone my voice, to share my moments of understanding, of God and of life.  Words, images, art, they all help us to describe, to define, to share pieces of ourselves and our experience.  Join me on my journey towards home…


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi, Marissa, it’s Johnette. I have been following your blog and really enjoy it. I have been starting a blog for years now! Haha. and have written 0 posts. But I am hoping to begin again once I become more entrenched in my journey to create a more peaceful, faith-filled life for myself. I am in the process of regaining faith, taking classes, bible study, working out, yoga, and constant spiritual reflection on everyday matters. I was wondering if you could suggest any books and/or blogs that have helped you in your journey. I hope it is ok that I am following you!


    • Hey Johnette! How are you? Way to go trying to recenter and focus on faith. I have SO MANY resources of people and books that have been wonderful for me! Right now I am reading 1,000 gits by Ann Voskamp, and it is amazing. I would also reccomend Soul Keeping by John Ortberg, Running on Empty by Fil Anderson, anything my Jen Hatmaker, Margaret Feinberg, or Brennan Manning… I could go on and on, but I will stop there! 😉


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