Carpe Diem

Carpe Diem.  Seize the day. 
Live each moment as if it were your last.
Because it may well be.
But what if said moment was your first?
What if, instead of rushing to an epic ending
    we lived a life of epic beginnings?
Racing not for closure
     but for opportunity?
What if, instead of racing the setting sun, 
     we raced towards the sunrise?
Seizing our entire lives with the gusto
     usually reserved for beating a yellow light
     racing to a meeting
     or grabbing lunch wrapped in foil?
What if we lived a life filled with opportunities and not obligations?
I know I for one would drink more wine
     and less diet soda.
I would listen more, pray more, think more, laugh more.
Would I live more?
Seize the day.  
Not as a rescue operation
     but as a divine moment.


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